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The need to know about the world and what technology is in use is important. The skills needed to be developed. There are all kinds of software and tools available that you can and must learn for your own benefit. All kinds of training is available, there are programming languages that you must learn too such as C/C++, others like LINUX and CISCO and tools like AUTOCAD and much more. The more you learn the better it will get, the more the understanding you have of these IT stuff the better it is.

To know about the latest tools and software is vital. At EX3GEN we also offer training for all kinds of programming languages, starting from C/C++ to ASP.NET.

  • C/C++
  • Linux Administration
  • CISCO Administration
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe Suite
  • Satellite & Wireless communication
  • Matlab
  • Linux Administration
  • RF Planning & Optimization
  • GSM Transmission
  • Data Communication

We also offer services for skills development in:

  • Bio-Medical Image Processing
  • Project Management
  • HR Management
  • Resume Writing
  • Technical & Business Writing

  • Cell Phone Application Development
  • IPhone Application Development
  • Windows Phone Application Development