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Telecommunication is all about getting interacted and being in touch. Do you know how important is to have telecom a setup for your own company? The solutions such as LAN are vital for your company to get interacted all the time. You sure will want all the desks and the rooms connected. For this you need the LAN solution.

For this you need some network design services, the deployment of those designs in the real world. Setting up the servers and much more. You might also be interested in VoIP services, the VSAT services, the video conferencing and others etc. For a company to be successful and resourceful it is vital to have these telecom services.

At EX3GEN, we also offer secure networking services. We have experts who can handle and build all kinds of networks and manage them. We offer:

  • Network design and deployment for LAN, WAN & wireless networks
  • Deployment of all Linux-based servers
  • Remote services and support for Linux and Unix servers
  • CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detectors
  • Networking equipment supply

We have a team of experts who offer expert services and solutions for the telecommunication sector, including:

  • VSAT (SCPC, DVB, IP trunking) installation & managed services
  • Microwave radio links
  • VoIP & Video Conferencing
  • VSAT & Microwave equipment supply

  • Cell Phone Application Development
  • IPhone Application Development
  • Windows Phone Application Development